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ICC was founded to establish a world-class integrated platform for artificial intelligence digital finance, bringing complex technology to a global experience for customers around the world in the easiest way. Share the fruitfulness with every contribution from ICC family with the world’s leading “shared economy business model”.


Team ICC operates globally with physical offices in United States, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. We have over 150 full time colleagues as of Jan 2019, half of us are R&D focused.


Roman Arayan

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Roman Arayan is chief executive officer at Intercoin Capital. Roman is responsible for setting the overall direction and Asia Pacific development strategy for the company. Under his leadership, the sales team have grown from 4 members to more than 40 members now. Roman got to Bitcoin in 2012 and started humbly as a cryptocurrency investor. He is a sincere believer in blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. He strongly believes that these technologies will change the world in future. Roman holds double degrees in computer science and psychology from University of California.

Anthony Altmann

IntercoinX CEO

As a financier and an entrepreneur, Anthony Altmann has years of experience in the fields of finance and later blockchain technology and financial technology. Antony was born in a financial family in Russia. His father was an experienced banker and his mother was a stock agent. Since graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in finance and economics, he has co-founded several financial consulting companies and online trading platforms, and has been involved in the early development of several financial technologies through his company.

In early 2017, Anthony joined Intercoin Capital as CFO and was responsible for developing and investing in new financial technology and big-data-related technologies, as well as promoting the deployment of AI in financial technology. Because of his outstanding performance and leadership in Intercoin Capital, he is appointed as CEO of IntercoinX, a revolutionary smart digital asset exchange developed by a team of experts.

Josh Basiladze

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Josh Basiladze is chief technology officer at Intercoin Capital. In that role, he leads the development of the technology strategies and teams that will enable Intercoin Capital to make a significant breakthrough in fields like artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency trading platform. Before Intercoin Capital, Josh was IT manager of software engineering for a technology company, where he led the global and open product development process behind the company. Josh began his career working at various startups, including a cybersecurity software startup where he developed security software that has been used in several major company. Josh holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in computer science from his previous university study.

Chloé Laurent

Head of Human Resources

Chloe Laurent is head of human resources at Intercoin Capital. She is a Certified GPHR and Experienced Human Resources Supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. She is skilled in Talent & Acquisition, Analytical Skills, HR Consulting, Executive Search, and Market Research. Chloe holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University.

Leonard Durand

Finance Advisor

Leonard is finance advisor at Intercoin Capital. He is leading the team for Intercoin Capital’s financial planning and future development. Leonard holds a bachelor’s degree from Finance School in United States. He is specialized in financial consulting and provided many Top 500 companies for strategic and financial consulting.

Arthur Richard

Senior Product Manager

Arthur is senior product manager at Intercoin Capital. He contributes to the functionality and design for Intercoin Capital’s ecosystem including artificial intelligence, trading platform, venture capital etc. Before Intercoin Capital, Arthur was a tech lead at a Silicon Valley company that focuses on big data analysis. Arthur is specialized in Product Management and Agile Development in Blockchain, Computer Software and Internet Services.

Albin Karlsson

Operation Manager, Artificial Intelligence

Albin is operation manager at Intercoin Capital. He leads the operation team in applying AI technology into our global businesses. Before Intercoin Capital, Albin was a machine learning scientist at a Silicon Valley AI company. He has many years of management and technology consulting experience. Albin holds has a Ph.D. in Biostatistics with a Designated Emphasis in Computational Science and Engineering from University of Californi, Berkeley.

Anna Ivanov

General Counsel and Secretary

Anna Ivanov is general counsel and secretary of Intercoin Capital. She joined the company in 2018, which is after working in a law firm for several years. Anna focuses on litigating patent and technology related matters. Before attending law school, she worked as an IT consultant at technology company in California. Anna holds a bachelor’s degree from Law School in Canada and a BS degree in computer science from the University of California.